Artist in Residence

March 2020

Our resident artist for March is Austra, the inimitable creative force that is composer, singer-songwriter and producer Katie Stelmanis. Undergoing a dramatic transformation in her personal life and artistic output over the last few years, Austra's residency coincides with the beginning of an altogether new chapter for the Toronto-based, Domino Records artist.


The Artist in Residence Programme at Laylow is the first of its kind. A legacy of our Patronage scheme, the residencies provide emerging artists with a space to explore their creativity for free. At a time when resources from traditional platforms are in decline, Laylow acts as an incubator for talent, providing artists with the support they need to get to the next step in their careers.


Past Residents


February 2020 - Wilma Archer Group

November 2019 - Daniel Merriweather

August 2019 - Hayden Thorpe (Domino)

July 2019 - The Paul Institute (XL)

June 2019 - Laura Groves (Deek Recordings)

May 2019 - Joviale (Blue Flowers Music)

March 2019 - Maguire (Independent)

January 2019 - Georgia (Domino Records)

October 2018 - Celeste (Polydor)

September 2018 - Eska (Earthling Recordings)

August 2018 - Jaakko Eino Kalevi (Domino)

September 2018 - Gwilym Gold (Brille Records)

April 2018 - Káryyn (Mute)

February 2018 - Westerman (PIAS)